Valentine's Day gift ideas

Revisited! for 2012!

Valentines day is coming soon! And that means chocolates, chocolates, and loads of chocolates!!!

Here are some sweets for non-choco lovers for Valentines day gifts. Sweets comes in handmade boxes wrapped in cellophane. Send me a message for inquiries and orders... (partyfairies1@gmail.com)

Delivery for Tampere, Finland

Citrus Squares

Chewy, refreshing, lemony bars.

Vanilla cookies

Crispy and buttery vanilla cookies with raspberry marmalade or sugar frosting.

And for the chocolate lovers....

Chocolate crinkles

Cake like cookies that are just full of cholate flavours.

Royal Velvet cupcakes

The name says it all... Velvety, soft, delicious cupcakes fit for a queen!!!

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