Kantele cakes

Kantele cake made especially during a Kantele playing competion in AmmattiKorkeakoulu, Tampere. June 2009.

Wizards Hat cake especially made for Ria's Kindergarten class' Funny hats day!!!

Ladies Night

Served on a Ladies Night party. Main event was the Hot Lips adult toys sell out. Good for gatherings like 'Strictly: For women only' kind of theme parties, or bachelorette parties.

Lovely-Jabbly heart cakes

Chiffon cakes are easier to manage when making layered cakes. They are softer and can be fixed quickly if it dries up. Whipped cream frosting holds its shapes longer when mixed with cream cheese without risk of crumbling.

Easy birthday cakes

May 2009: This is the easiest chocolate chiffon cake made for little Lara.
Dough: Chocolate Chiffon
Frosting: Dark Chocolate fudge
Icing: Moccha flavored whipped cream