Goin' Suomalainen!!!!

It may have been the spirit of the lady baker that once lived in my house, but I guess am embracing this Finnish citizenship way too seriously!!! I recently learned how to make some good traditional Finnish food. And when I say traditional, its like "Adobo" or "Pakbet" to us Filipinos.

Ruisleipä - Sourdough - Ryebread

 Thanks to Toni's aunt Meeri who lives in Lieksa, I got a hold of a good juuri (starter mix) to make ruisleip√§. And I am determined to make it last for a long time.

Rice Pies
 Karjalan Piirakka - Karelian Pasties

 These heavenly pies has TSG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) status. And I am proud to say that even if it didn't look as good as the traditional pies, these pies I made were certainly delicious!

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